Country Classics 2008

July 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, 2008

Director …………………..………...…….…. Allen Laurence
Asst. Director …………..……………………. Donna Booth
Musical Director ……………………………. Gwen Burnham
Stage Manager / Props …..……………….……. Lori Cansler
Sound Design ………………….......…….…. James Hoffman
Sound Technician …………...…….………. James Hoffman
Lighting Technician …..……………...….…...…. Matt Suomi
Set Design ………..…...…… Debbie Dunkin, Allen Laurence
Set Crew ……..…………….. Debbie Dunkin, Cassie Dunkin
Allen Laurence, Belinda Laurence

Kathy Winters- Kathy has been in the Lake Whitney area for 14
years. This is Kathy’s first time on stage.

Gwen Burnham- Gwen is proud to be celebrating 15 years of
living in the Lake Whitney area and five years of affiliation with
Lake Whitney Arts Association. I have had the honor of working
both onstage and offstage with some of the finest people who work
harder and have more fun than the law should allow. We trust that
this year’s Country Classics will be as great a hit with you, our
audience, as it has been with our performers.

Nichole Barnard- Nichole has been involved with the LWA theatre
for the past year. She played the role of Officer Bainbridge in “You
have the Right to Remain Dead” and sang in the “Soda Shop Hop.”
Nichole assisted backstage in both “Blithe Spirit” and “Everything’s
Relative”. She’s been having the time of her life!

Bobby Messer- Bobby started singing in his sophomore year of
high school and he made All State Choir three years. He also sang
in the choir in Junior College. After school, Bobby started singing
with Charlie Pack and the Originals. Next, he sang with Butch and
the Casuals and a group called The Slades, then spent seven years
as the lead singer for the Debonairs. After singing for money for
years, Bobby is now singing for the Lord, and will continue to do so
from now on.

Brenda Hayes- Brenda did some singing in High School in China
Spring, Texas. She sang with a mixed quartet in The Colony,
Texas in the 80’s. She also appeared in “Soda Shop Hop” at Lake
Whitney Arts in 2007.

Maddie Hoffman- Maddie is ten years old and has been singing
since she could speak. Maddie has sung at church and at the
Philotechnos Variety Show for the last three years. Maddie
appeared in the Stage One, LWA children’s theater, production of
“Grease in 10 minutes” and “A Lamb’s Tale”. She also sang at the
first annual Lake Whitney Arts Festival.

James Hoffman – One of these days I will take a break from
being on this stage, and I’m sure my wife will faint. My endless
thanks to Jennifer for her patience, love, and support with what
could easily be considered an obsession with making Lake Whitney
Arts all that it can be.

Bill Sumpter/ Aka Bobcat Bill- Bill has lived in the Whitney area
for the last 8 years. He has been singing since he was 8 years old.
Bill has sung on television in Oklahoma and radio nationwide. He
was nominated for “Male Vocalist of the Year” & “Male Soloist of
the Year” for 2005 by SGMA of Texas. He was once again
nominated for “Male Soloist of the Year” in 2006 and 2007 by
SGMA of Texas. He was also nominated by SGMA of Texas for
“Promoter of the Year” for 2007. He has been working on the
singing character “Bobcat Bill” for the last two years. Bill is proud
to be a part of the Lake Whitney Arts Theater and will help out
when called upon.

Laura Booth- Laura is a founding member of Lake Whitney Arts.
She has been singing and acting on stage for over 15 years.
Laura’s past productions include Our Town, The Alto Part, Anything
Goes, Grease, LWA’s very first production, Dogsbreath Devereux,
the Dastardly Doctor, Moon Over Buffalo, The Wizard of Oz, and
the Odd Couple (Female Version). She has also been a part of
many singing productions here at LWA, including Christmas at the
Ranch, Night of Broadway’s Greatest Hits, New Year’s Eve Ball, and
Soda Shop Hop. Laura would like to thank her husband Jonathan
and their two children, Olivia and Kendrick, for all of their support
and understanding during rehearsals. I love you!

Jimmy Wayne Greenwood- Once upon a time, after the Grand
Ole Opry had moved to a Nashville suburb, Jimmy Wayne
Greenwood paid 75 cents admission to enter the Ryman Auditorium
and “experience the ghosts of country music legends.” Discovering
a dusty, five-stringed guitar in the corner, he proceeded to perform
a medley of original songs and a couple by Luke the Drifter. The
score of tourists put $31.00 on the stage – enough for a
cheeseburger, milkshake, and fuel to travel to Memphis. Nobody
paid much attention, however, to the guy in a fringe leather jacket
and Stetson on August 16, 1977. He thanks his lovely wife Marilee
for encouraging him tonight.

Wendie Thomas – (Belinda Sue) was bit by the theatre bug back
in Jr. High School. This is her first time on the Lake Whitney Arts
stage. She has always wanted to try stand-up comedy.

Jody Allen – Jodie has appeared on the LWA stage as Savannah
in You Have the Right to Remain Dead, and now graces us with her
great singing talent.

Megan Montgomery – Megan is a senior at Whitney High School,
where she is active in the theatre and choral programs. She has
been in various productions with both LWA and WHS such as Steel
Magnolias, Blithe Spirit, Twelve Angry Jurors and others. She
would like to dedicate this performance to her grandfather, Galvin
Lynn Montgomery.

Linda Gail Davis – Linda has been singing in school concerts, in
ensembles, and solo for as long as she can remember. While at
Abiline Christian University, she was a member of the A Capella
Performing Chorus. Years ago her vocal mentor encouraged her to
always share her gift of singing because God’s precious gifts should
be used to bring joy to others. Linda believes that music is the
window to the soul. She and her husband Elton have two
daughters and three grand-daughters. The Lake Whitney Arts
opportunity has been a surprise and great fun.

Anthony Harless – This is Anthony’s first time on the LWA stage.
He has enjoyed playing his guitar and singing at other venues, and
is a welcome addition to our talent pool. Anthony would like to
dedicate his performance to his wife and family.

Donna Booth – Donna has been a regular performer on the Lake
Whitney Arts Stage, in both acting and singing roles. Her roles onstage
and behind the scenes have been essential to the continuing
success of the Lake Whitney Arts Association.