Buy a Brick

Lake Whitney Arts has begun a fundraising campaign that will help beautify our landscape, as well as raise funds for our theatre.  Lake Whitney Arts has chosen to go through Fundraisers, Ltd. to order bricks to be used in landscaping the entrance to our theatre.

Bricks may be purchased by individuals, families, and/or businesses.

The bricks are $35 each and have a maximum of three lines of text and a maximum of 20 characters per line.

After orders are placed, the bricks will be received in 2-4 weeks time. They will be displayed, as  part of our new landscaping at the entrance to the theatre.  The bricks mesaure  4 X 8 and have a sandy brown color tone.

All Producer Level Contributors will receive a brick with their donation.  A brick will be purchased for each show of the season. The brick will include the name of the director, show name, and the date.  Please support our theatre with the purchase of a brick.

Once the bricks are received by the arts center, they will be installed within two weeks (weather permitting).  If you would like to purchase a brick, please download the form below.

LWA bricks form.