Murder Mystery Theatre: New Year's Eve 2021

You are invited to join Lake Whitney Arts on New Year's Eve for our first Murder Mystery Theatre, where you can be a detective--or even play as one of the suspects! We'll have hors d'oeuvres and non-alcoholic punch, but you are welcome to bring your own stiffer beverages--just designate someone to drive home.

DATE: December 31, 2021
TIME: 7:30-10:30ish
COST: $20 each OR two for $35


It's New Year's Eve at the DeBubbles Champagne Vineyards and Distillery in Champagne, France. The DeBubbles mansion is always the place to be at the stroke of midnight - the champagne flows as easily as the conversation. That is, until the patriarch of the DeBubbles family fortune, Delroy DeBubbles, winds up dead! Who could have executed such a dastardly plot on such a happy occasion? Was it Delroy's second wife, Babette DeBubbles? Or perhaps the head winemaker for the rival LeCorque family, Monte Pulciano? Could it have been a disgruntled patron, like Reese Ling or employee, Mary Tage? There's only one way to find out--play Murder By Midnight with us! 


Unless you sign up to play as a suspect (scroll down), you'll play as a detective. We encourage you to dress as though you're attending a soiree at a mansion in France! You'll get a list of questions to ask the suspects, and the Chief Inspector will let you in on evidence discoveries--there will even be pieces of evidence for you to examine. Then, after all the questions have been answered, evidence presented and examined, you can use your critical thinking skills to figure out who killed Delroy DeBubbles.


HOW IT WORKS:  After you purchase your ticket(s), come back to this page to click the 'Sign up to play as a suspect button'. You'll be taken to a Google Sheet where you can peruse the available characters and add your name to one that interests you. You do not have to stick with your preferred gender! When you commit on the form, we'll email a few more character details to your PayPal email address (you can make up more character details/backstory). We'd LOVE for you to dress the part--'costume' suggestions are included in the sign-up form. On the day before the event, we'll send you two different versions of short answers (Innocent and Guilty) to three questions (we'll have these on note cards the night of, as well) FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. You can memorize word for word, but paraphrasing is absolutely fine as long as you get the important points. On the night of the event, you'll draw a slip of paper with either a number or an X on it--you'll keep that utterly secret, too. An X means you're the murderer and you'll answer questions with the Guilty versions. 

Tickets will be at Will Call