Two Witches, No Waiting

Two Witches, No Waiting, a comedy by Pat Cook
June 12-20, 2021
Directed by Stacey Greenawalt

Eccentric sisters Arlene & Elzbeth are quite comfortable in their family home deep in the woods of South Texas. But Arlene's son is determined to sell it to his spoiled fiancee's father. Also, he might be falling in love with the new housekeeper. Chaos ensues when the house makes it known that it does not want to be sold. What happened to the old houskeeper? Why is the Sheriff so skittish? And why must Elzbeth feel everyone's head? Find out in this heady brew of twists and turns, in TWO WITCHES, NO WAITING.


This show has been in the works since October of 2019. A year and a half is a long time, but I am grateful to everyone who has worked on this show. We were just two weeks away from opening in March of 2020 when we had to shut down. In the year since, four actors  have had to move on but they helped shape the show nonetheless.  Special thanks to Barbara Rose, Thaynne Olsen, Levi King, and Rusty Cook for being part of the journey.

We invite you come visit Coventry House (with authentic cobwebs and dust!) and see what we've been up to!



Dylon Youngblood as Jeremy MarcusDylon Youngblood as Jeremy
Dylon is glad to be back on stage at Lake Whitney Arts. He has been with the theatre for the last 10 years and has enjoyed every performance. Some of his favorite performances include DEARLY BELOVED, THE FOREIGNER, MOON OVER BUFFALO, and of course TWO WITCHES NO WAITING. Y'all enjoy the show, ya HEAR? In memory of Evá Tomícová.

Colleen KeeganColleen Keegan as Bonnie Webster
Colleen has appeared on both stage and screen. Some favorite stage roles include Estelle in NO EXIT and Mary in VANITIES at Zach Scott in Austin. Colleen dedicates her performance in this show to her sister. It's a great privilege participating in Two Witches. Thanks to everyone for such a fun experience.  I hope y'all enjoy the magic and the laughter!

Cindy ParksCindy Parks as Elzbeth
Cindy is thrilled and honored to be working with this wonderful cast and crew. She was last seen on the LWA stage as Big Ethel in A DOUBLEWIDE, TEXAS CHRISTMAS. She has Directed and acted in many shows here as well as Tin Building Theatre in Clifton. Some of her favorites include STEEL MAGNOLIAS, WAIT UNTIL DARK,  GODSPELL, BROTHERS, THE MATCHMAKER, THE MIRACLE WORKER, THE DIVINERS, and many more. Throughout the years Cindy has been involved in over 150 shows. She is a member of the Board of Directors at LWA. Cindy would like to thank Stacey, the cast, and crew for making this such an enjoyable experience.

Stacey GreenawaltStacey Greenawalt, Arlene, Director
Stacey has been active in the DFW theatre community for many years as actor, director, costumer, prop designer, scenic painter, and set designer, and has been nominated for two Column Awards. Favorite roles include Lotty Wilton in ENCHANTED APRIL, Miss Hannigan in ANNIE THE MUSICAL, Ronnette in LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, and both Yente and Fruma-Sarah in two different productions of FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. Her first show at LWA was SAVANNAH SIPPING SOCIETY, and she has appeared in several shows since.

Kirk BonnerKirk Bonner as Sheriff Jeb
It's great to be back on stage again, especially for Stacey's LWA directorial debut. It's been great seeing new blood on stage as well as all the old crew. Thanks Stacey for letting me run wild with Jeb; I love this character. So sit back and enjoy another Pat Cook show, they are always a blast! Oh, and thanks to Amberly for all the laughs, and Rebecca for our great new lighting.

Amaya KeeganSean Keegan  as Kit Sternwood
Sean has been doing theatre and acting since he was in kindergarten. He is a play and musical fanatic and is so excited to be in a play for our local town. Sean hopes you enjoy the comedy that is TWO WITCHES NO WAITING. Have fun and keep massaging heads!

Amberly HadleyAmberly Hadley as Eunice Sternwood
Amberly is currently a board member for Lake Whitney Arts and enjoys acting, fishing and other volunteer work. Amberly is married to Jeff Hadley and has a beautiful daughter Amanda and son-in-law William.

Karen TrowbridgeKaren Trowbridge as Opal/Lila
This is Karen's first play appearance since junior high, and fulfills a dream she's had since seeing her first performance at the Lake Whitney Arts Association 15 years ago. Karen would like to thank her husband Neal for tolerating her love of live theater, and her mom for dog sitting during rehearsals. She would also like to thank the cast and crew for tolerating the newbie, and Stacey for casting her.