Wizard of Oz: The Deleted Scene

Ever think what would have happened if Dorothy didn’t immediately follow the celebrated yellow brick road?  Eddie McPherson takes our favorite story on a delightful detour when Dorothy is sidetracked by a farmer offering an alternate route to the wizard’s front door — in the form of a mysterious map.  

Glinda the Good is furious.  After all, she wants to be a storybook hero, and the story will be ruined if Dorothy doesn’t meet her three friends along the yellow brick road.  Meanwhile, the Wicked Witch of the West is thrilled with the alternative route, which will rewrite the story and possibly save her from her watery fate.  As the power-hungry Wicked Witch of the West fights against Glinda’s dreams of fame, Dorothy discovers that the shortcut doesn’t even take her to the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.  It takes her to the Mediocre Wizard of the South Swamp!  

Cameo appearances by Hansel and Gretel, Jack and Jill, a Munchkin TV reporter and more add to the hilarity of this clever parody that’s fun for all ages.


Linsey Bledsoe: Gretel/Red Riding Hood
Landon Bledsoe: Apprentice/Camera Person/Policeman
Jordan Walker: Dorothy Gale
Blake Trimble: Farmer/Army Bird #2/Hansel
Elizabeth Tesch: Farmer’s Wife
Lilliana McKinney-Ferrara: Glinda the Goodwitch
Bree Quast: Wicked Witch of the West
Penelope Corbin: Glindalina
Robert Dale: Raven/Crow
Caylee Trimble: Munchkin #2/Jill
Christopher Tesch: Munchkin #1/Jack
Clarissa Whitney: Snicker Bird/Army Bird #1
Matthew Richardson: Tinsmith/Toto/Husband