Please see examples of both bios and headshots on other show pages on our website.
For instance, Farce of Nature:

How to get a quality headshot:

  • Find a spot with a boring background and good/natural light
  • Ideally, use the timer on your camera/phone or have someone else take the photo
  • Place the camera at or just above eye-level. We should not be able to see up your nostrils.
  • Frame from mid chest to a little over your head (mouth about center)
  • Look at the camera
  • Smile! Headshots are focused on the eyes, so make them smile!


This should be written in third person. Please put any show titles in ALL CAPS, no quotes needed (ex: OUR TOWN). You may abbreviate longer show titles (ex: JOSEPH...DREAMCOAT).
Accepted file types: jpg, jpeg, Max. file size: 4 MB.